Alexandra + Bobby | Engaged

Sometimes social media brings us together with people that are really, really awesome. I (Erin) commented on an Instagram post last year from Alex + Bobby's proposal. Alex emailed me about an hour later and we instantly clicked. A few months later, by the fate of it all, Bobby was going to a show in NJ that Ray was shooting. Also by the fate of it all, I last minute decided to go. Alex texted me saying Bobby was going to this show so we made plans to meet. Ray met Bobby at the show and Alex and I had dinner at Panera, followed by a little bit of shopping (I loved her instantly.) We recently all met back up in NJ, at their home for a weekend engagement session/bonding time! We took photos at a beautiful winery nearby and spent the rest of the evening in our pajamas eating Chinese food, watching scary movies, making cupcakes and cuddling with their dogs. We are so, SO excited to shoot their wedding next September and so lucky to have these two as friends. Enjoy! xx