Some words from previous clients...

"So imagine this, you are getting married and you need a photographer to capture all the moments throughout the day. The logical thing to do is find a great photographer(s). We said screw it and skipped all of that. Instead we wanted the best in the industry and would not settle for less. I sorted through tens of websites from great photographers that sent me their personal website and even met in person with a few of them. No dice. Next on the list were Erin and Ray. We met in person with both Erin and Ray, there were fireworks right away and I believe a Cinnabun as well. My wife (then Fiancé) and I came home after the meeting and said to ourselves: What. The. Heck. Who are these people? This is the quality of their work and they want to shoot OUR wedding? Last I checked, we are NOT celebrities or have any association with Hollywood to deserve the passionate craft that is presented through this team's work. They provided us a custom package that included an engagement session, wedding day and post wedding day portraits that worked extremely well for our needs. The sheer beauty that is presented through the symphonic orchestration of each of their talents is brought together in such a manner that truly satisfies the eye of the beholder. I cannot stress this lightly, I spent a few years photographing weddings myself and I can appreciate everything that is involved with the process from start to finish and I've lived it and I have seen it all. Erin and Ray maintain a synergy that produces a genuine professional product. So much so that I myself have led myself to study their work to improve my own abilities because quite frankly, these are the kind of photos I want to be able to create on my own. Erin and Ray were invisible on the wedding day in that visually or subconsciously they did not exist when necessary. This allowed for phenomenal candids as well as immaculate posed portraits. Our wedding was a massive melting pot of cultures and personalities. I do not expect any ordinary photographers to be able to handle, let alone be comfortable, around 30+ big, bad motorcycle club bikers in full character. To then be mixed in with 2 ethnic backgrounds that celebrate anything and everything to the fullest. And to add the danger of things catching on fire as the result of shenanigans because the groom is a fireman. Erin and Ray walked into quite a lot and it did not even phase them. Filter through their work and let the photos speak for themselves, research some of Ray's high status work outside of weddings, you would be silly to seek a better team elsewhere. These folks travel to different wedding markets and venues throughout the country. They are in no way amateurs to the field, the proof is in the pudding as they say. And DUG of course I'm going to seize this opportunity to brag about our amazing day and give you a reference point to everything I mentioned HERE: erinandrayphoto. _removethis_ com/blog/2015/9/14/steven-feyona-married Erin and Ray are the bees knees and define what a professional wedding photography team is, in every sense of the profession. Cheers! Mr. and Mrs. Ortiz"


"Erin + Ray... Where do I even begin!? They trekked through Great Falls (in super hot weather) to follow us and capture Garrett's proposal to me and I never even knew they were there until after it had all happened. I'm so thankful for those photos of that special few minutes of our lives. Then they were there to capture our wedding day and worked so efficiently and quickly. We got back the most STUNNING photos and I literally started crying while looking through them. I'm a wedding photographer myself so it meant a lot to have truly amazing photographs taken of me and my husband. We'll be going back to them for all of our anniversary photos and anything else we'll be needing. With Erin + Ray we didn't just hire a "vendor" for our wedding, we also gained life-long friends on top of that." - Julia + Garrett Kitchen


"We found Erin through a mutual friend after she did their gorgeous engagement pictures. We were then lucky enough to have her capture our 2nd sons newborn days and our early life as a family of 4. Fast forward just over a year and a half and Ray and Erin came to our house once more to capture our newest son and our new life as a family of 5. Erin and Ray drove in the snow, on our schedule to photograph us. They were understanding and patient through our crazy toddlers, newborn feedings, spit-ups and basic chaos. They not only had wonderful ideas for ways to capture this wonderful and fleeting time in our life but above all else, managed to perfectly capture US in gorgeous, priceless and breath taking pictures we'll cherish all our lives. We highly recommend Erin and Ray to anyone looking for their greatest memories to be beautifully captured for a lifetime ♡" -Regina Parks


"Erin and Ray were recommended to me by some photographer friends. Their style of photography was exactly what I was looking for. I really love candid, "caught in the moment" photos with a romantic touch. The photos turned out so much better than I could have ever expected! I mean just look at their cover photo, that is my husband and I on our sparkler exit. I could not ask for a better "caught in the moment" photo. Another great thing was that I didn't even notice they were there during the ceremony. They stayed hidden while still managing to get great photos. They were very personable and made my husband, our wedding party, and I very comfortable. They got the photos finished right on time so we could have plenty of time with our guests. I cannot recommend Erin and Ray enough, they were great and I would definitely use them again!" - Maria + Drew Regis


"Erin and Ray are awesome people and great photographers. They took our engagement and wedding photos. They dropped off our wedding book on our doorstep when our plans fell through for meeting up. Overall, a great experience." - Will + Emily Borja


"I don't know where to start!! Erin and Ray both are wonderful, amazing, kind hearted individuals who take amazing pics! They photographed my wedding last May, and did a beautiful job. Even after the wedding we still remain good friends :)" - Breyhanna + Kayle Baker